Essex and London Properties – Update

A proposal to investors in Essex and London Properties who made themselves known to Safe Or Scam will be made in early January 2019. There are still some ongoing activities but they may take time to come to fruition and investors have waited long enough. There is at least £10m unaccounted for and little effort has been made to find that money. There are some parties who our barrister believes can be held accountable to compensate investors for the part they played in enabling the Essex and London scam to take place. They are not guilty of engaging in any criminal activity but the barrister believes they have some civil liability. We have the agreement of the solicitor to proceed with contacting investors.

The Official Receiver declined to assist the solicitor by refusing to send out a letter from the solicitor to all 500+ investors. This means that only investors who have provided us with their email addresses can be contacted. If you are not contacted by 10th January 2019 please email us and we will send the proposal out to you.

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