Safe Or Scam LLC – How We Support Investors

Safe Or Scam acts on behalf of concerned investors. We review investment products and advise on recovery options. In serious cases we work with legal teams to investigate all aspects of an investment with the aim of prosecuting the people involved and recovering investments

We challenge developers, project owners, sales agents and third parties involved in a project to justify the claims made in correspondence and promotional material.

We are currently working with a group of investors who invested in Essex and London Properties. This website is an information site to keep investors updated on progress with Safe Or Scam recovery actions.

For more information on the work of Safe Or Scam please visit our website at Safe Or Scam

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Essex and London Properties Ltd has gone into liquidation. There is a fraud investigation by Essex Police under the reference ‘Operation Grapevine’.

The director of E&LP, Mitchell Mallin, would like investors to be regarded as creditors of the limited company.

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The Investment

Approximately £13.5m was raised by Essex and London Properties LP (a Scottish limited partnership).

Funds were paid to escrow agents and then released to the Limited company. The money was then transferred to the main perpetrators of the scam.

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Current Status

The Police and liquidator have declared around £1.7m in cash and assets has been frozen which is around 13% of the total amount of money invested.

Safe Or Scam is working with a group of investors to assess the potential civil recovery actions available to them.

The Scam

Professional scammers secured the assistance of Mitchell Mallin to act as a nominee director in Essex and London Properties Ltd (“Ltd”). These same people were also behind the formation of Essex and London Properties LP (“LP”). There is evidence that the same people had previously been involved in a similar scam structure

Investors took out a debt instrument with LP which paid a fixed annual interest rate and a guarantee that the money would be repaid after 3 years. Investors were made Limited Partners in LP. The affairs of the LP were managed by Ltd which was referred to as the ‘General Partner’. This is a standard structure for a Scottish Limited Partnership.

What is not standard is for the money to never reach the LP. All the money was transferred to Ltd which was run by a building site labourer by the name of Mitchell Mallin. The investor’s money was supposed to be secured against property assets but of course this never happened. The money was stolen.

The investment product was sold worldwide although most investors were based in the UK. Sales agents included MCI Management and Apex Alternatives, companies with a history of selling multiple scam products. Key salespeople included Matthew Cullum, Thomas Scotland and Anthony Whymark. There are many more. If any investor would like to know where these people can be found please drop us a line via the Safe Or Scam website. We will be happy to let you know.